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Spacebar: Mommy Blogging?

Episode Summary

Welcome to the Spacebar. On these short episodes, you will get a quick tip or a quick answer from a guest on the show, or, well, me. Today, Laura and Emily from Risen Motherhood answer a listener's question. ASDF JKL;

Episode Notes

Question from Amber Vandermaarl: 

My question is related to blogging. It seems to be the overarching recommendation for getting into a rhythm of writing and gaining potential exposure to see if my words resonate with anyone. But, being a young mom, I HATE the connotation of the “mommy blog”. But being a mom of one, soon to be 2, that is my every day. That is where I learn my lessons and am being daily sanctified. That is my fodder for writing. So finally to the question: should I do it anyway?  Do the benefits outweigh the connotation that I am bored, basically illiterate, and just sharing recipes by having a “mommy blog”?